When FREE Isn’t Reason Enough

We can tell you all day long about what we do and how and why we do it. But, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Here is what some of our subscribers have said about our newsletter, our blog, and our approach to preserving your capital. They’ve put our advice to the test, and here, in these totally unsolicited emails, is their experience.

Dear Ulli,

I owe you a great deal for helping me survive in this market! I am a working 68 year old, have a self directed 401k, plus other investments.

During the 2000-2002 market melt-down I took a major hit by following the advice of my brokers. I decided there had to be a better way so began some research and a friend suggested your reports. That is what I did and made back my losses by last year and was sitting on a respectable profit going into the year.

Your words of caution were taken to heart and I followed the no longer buy and hold philosophy. This year, I continued investing in stocks, gave myself a limit on what I was willing to lose if the market faltered. When my limit was met, I went to all cash/cd's/treasuries where I have been throughout the market freefall. I have retired friends whose retirement funds have been decimated. They will not have time to recoup their losses.

Me? I am sitting pretty and my retirement is intact thanks to your advice.

So thanks so much for keeping us informed - we all owe you a major debt of gratitude and thanks!



Thank you for your regular weekly guidance. Following your advice, I pulled out of my mutual fund diversified portfolio in Feb and moved to a fixed account in my government public sector 457 plan. Didn't loose a dime.

In fact, I made a couple of bucks at 4%.


Hi Ulli -

I read your blog regularly and in January of 08 I put all of my USA IRA into US Treasuries. This week I completed transferring the entire amount to my home country of Australia because the exchange rate rather unexpectedly went into my favor. I now have my IRA in a secure Australian bank with all deposits insured and earning a fixed rate 7.3%.

I thank you very much - it's just a huge relief not to have to feel the suffering experienced by the brigade of buy-and-hopes.

Kind regards,

Ulli –

I just want to thank you very much for your email that I ready every week. I am very glad that I have followed your advice as it has saved 100% of my money that I had in Mutual Funds… I finally got rid of the last mutual funds in June 08 with a profit. The money went into Money Market funds until last week and I shifted most of it into 3 and 7 month CD's at 3.50% and 9 month CD's at4.00% at a local bank. I won't go back into mutual funds until you say it is OK.



Dear Ulli,

Just to let you know, I read, understood and acted, when you told us to move...and my losses this year ain't anything like the losses being racked up by every fund at INVESCO AIM. (I'm grandfathered and pay no fees for trading in and out...otherwise, I'd be with a truly no load family of funds...).

I tried to warn friends too, but I don't think they listened...




Many thanks from a very satisfied client. It is with a sense of relief that I can pull up my account balance and find most of it still intact. My heart is heavy when I hear stories from friends, family, and co-workers as they tell of their unimaginable losses. You are truly a voice crying out from the wilderness with a message that has been MORE than validated through this current financial fiasco. I know that recovery will begin someday. But, in the meantime, I will be more at peace knowing that when it does I will be in a much better place to take advantage of it. You are helping us "keep our powder dry" while we await that time. Thank you, again....



I am an index trader. I trade the ETF and Futures that correspond to the Dow.

I just want to take a moment to say you are on my short list of daily reading and that you are one of the sources of information that I trust and depend on for my trading activities. I am grateful that you make public the findings of your technical indicator and the wisdom of your experience that comes from dutifully following both its findings and the markets it tracks. Besides you I depend on the following list which like your blog and insights I take very seriously:

Mohan's Market Force
The Technical Indicator from Marketwatch.com
The Financial Forecast Center
RGE Monitor
The Financial Times
The International Herald Tribune

I find with you and these other sources I have all the information I need to stay on the right side of the trade.

I deeply respect your commitment to honest reporting which I see is based on your personal experience and understanding of the market. Most of all I respect your humor, humility and commitment to standards, and understanding that a trading system and ethic must be rational and easily explained.

I became interested in the market two years ago and you were one of the first sources of honest information I discovered. Like a consistent friend confirming that I am not insane to stand alone I am grateful to have your example of courage. You stand by your convictions and knowledge. Having your blog has given me courage to go short when others said buy and thought it was crazy not to see value.

As I trade for myself it is true that I am not your client. However we may or may not hold in esteem those we hire or contract with for a service. However, anyone we call willingly call teacher we hold in high regard.

I am your student. I am grateful for your instruction and example and again thank you for taking the time to share your insights, your method, your humor, and your wisdom in your blog and newsletters to those you don't profit from directly ... but you allow to profit from your example. I can only say that I pass your name, blog and website to my friends and those I run into who are in the market and I hope that is enough in return for what you give me.

Thank you again for all your help and example.



Hello Ulli:

I enjoy your blog (as well as your newsletter) and just wanted to say how much I appreciate your sound advice – most recently about these one day wonder rallies the Fed seems to manufacture when things are circling the drain.

When we eventually hit bottom, then we will all be able to buy the market a lot more cheaply. For now, moving back in on the basis of a Fed Hail Mary is like taking a whole pile of money and blowtorching it. Again, much appreciation for your work and insights. All the best --


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